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I Suck. Go NYC!

So much for trying to post at a minimum, twice a week.  A lot has happened since my last post, and I’m hoping that because of that, I will start posting more frequently.

Since last April, I’ve run the Brooklyn Half and a handful of other shorter runs, which resulted in a mixture of ups and downs.  Believe me, I have a lot to share on those experiences, and I will in my future posts, but the big news I have to share today is…I am running in the NYC Marathon!  I didn’t get in via lottery, but I will be running for the ASPCA . Raising $3,000 will take some work, but so will training for the next 18 weeks, and I’m ready to take it on!

With that being said, another reason I am not going to recap the last few months at this moment, is that it was my first official day of training!  Of course, I’ve been maintaining my running, and my first 3 mile run this morning wasn’t a huge venture, but it marks the start of my long road ahead.  My plan is to follow Hal Hidgon’s Novice 2 Program with a few additions:

  • Strength Training: Depending on how I’m feeling each week.  I’d like to throw in at least one day of strength training (maybe 2 if I’m not too worn down, but I don’t want to push it), preferably on Tuesdays since that’ll be one of my shorter/slow running days.
  • Yoga or Pilates: At a minimum twice a month.  When I’ve trained for half-marathons I’ve been able to fit it in once a week, but I realize this schedule will be a bit more grueling, so if I can do either once every other week, I’ll be happy.
  • Spin: Which will serve as my cross training. This will be a tough one.  I really enjoy spin, and I feel like it’s a good compliment to running, but I’ll really have to see how much energy I have once training starts.  I’d like it to be another every other week event.
  • Mild speed work: Hal doesn’t include speed work in his Novice 1 or 2 training programs.  I know that he is very much against it for new marathoners, and while I don’t want to over do anything, I’d like to include some tempo runs, and very mild speed training.

At this point, I think the first month will be a learning experience to see what I have the energy to fit in, because it’s only going to get tougher.  While I do want to get in my other workouts, running will take the priority.

Day 1

Day 1: 3 mile run around McCarren Park. Way too hot. 72 more runs to go.

One thing I am learning already is that I am going to have to run slow in training. VERY SLOW on some days.  No, I’m not the fastest runner in town, but some days I enjoy a little bit of speed, and sometimes you can’t help it when you aren’t paying attention to your watch.  Today, I ran my 3 miler around my projected marathon pace (which will probably change along the course of training) and more or less, I kept to it the entire run.  I will say, that it wasn’t too hard to run a little bit slower, on a day that was in the high 80’s. The heat is not my friend.  No, no, no.

Tomorrow I plan to get in a 5-miler (also at or around race pace), and then I’m off to Boston!

Happy Fourth!!

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Weekly recap and Philadelphia Marathon

This past week had been pretty good workout wise. I accomplished every thing I had set out to do when I put my schedule together on Monday, but, this is more or less is what I always try to hit every week (with varying degrees of running).

Tuesday: Run 4 miles (Speed work), Strengthing
Wednesday: Run 4 miles (Pace), Spin
Thursday: Run 4 miles (Speed work)
Friday: Strengthening
Saturday: Run 3 miles (Pace) Hot Yoga
Sunday: Long run (7 miles)

This is my plan for the next six weeks leading up to the Brooklyn Half, though I plan to increase my Tuesday and Thursday runs by a mile every 2 weeks and my long run by at least a mile either every week or every other week.

It gets hard to motivate myself to fit in the strengthening, spin and yoga (or pilates) classes, but I am happy I was able to fit in everything last week.  This week, I’m not sure if I’m feeling quite as ambitious since I want to focus more on my runs…but we’ll see how it goes! If I can just get my lazy self up in the morning, I could knock out my runs and have the evenings open for classes.  With the weather warming up, I’m hoping I can start getting in the habit of doing so.

In other news, I tentatively signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  My first Marathon!  I say tentative because in the 0.00001% chance I get into the NYC Marathon this year , I would obviously forgo Philly.  If I’m being honest, it wasn’t my first choice.  I hesitated too long for both Chicago and the Marine Corps (hah, 2 hours too long for the MCM!) which would have been my second and third choices respectively.  But I’m trying to get excited for Philadelphia!  Since this is the third year I’ve applied to the NYC Marathon and likely won’t get in again, I can take some comfort in knowing I will be running it in 2013. So if you are reading this NYRR, if you need some tshirt inspiration, I look most fabulous in black, dark red and dark blue.

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