The last 6 weeks (or so) …

Um yeah. I suck. This may or may not be my first post in over a month. While I’ve failed to maintain my blog, at LEAST I’ve been on track with my training.

Time to starting breaking in my new Brooks!

The last 6 weeks have been (rightly so) the most difficult part of training thus far. Week day mileage had increased and every single weekend long run (with the exception of fall back weeks) were to be my longest runs yet. Beginning with the 14-miler the morning I left for California–which was 5-6 miles in the rain, to the 15 miler in California dealing with a minor bout of plantar fasciitis, each were difficult in their own way. When I got back to New York I ran a 17 miler through Brooklyn and Queens (and my first time on Roosevelt Island!), followed by the Philadelphia Half Marathon–which went quite well.

The weekend after the half, I ran a very grueling 18-miler through a crazy tour of NYC, starting in Brooklyn, across the Williamsburg bridge, down the East River, up the West Side Highway, into Central Park, across Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge, through Long Island City and Greenpoint, ending in good old McCarren Park. Oy vey! It was probably one of my worst runs yet. I wasn’t properly hydrated or fueled and it was very apparent during the last leg. The last few miles were tough to get through, and I felt sick the majority of the day. It was a big blow to my confidence, but it prepared me for the following week’s 19-miler (out to Prospect Park and then million loops). I drank more water the night before, and brought along a Nuun Hydration tab , two packs of Clif Blocks and even dared to ingest a Honey Stinger Gel. I had a much better plan and it seemed to have worked. While it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, I felt SO much better during and after. Dare I even say–I could have held on a little longer.


Three borough, 18-miler. Looks very beautiful on the map, doesn’t it?

And now onto the present! The marathon is just 30 days out and the toughest part is almost over. While this weekend is a fall back week (12 miler), the following weekend I have the dreaded 20 miler that has been on my calendar staring at me for the last three months. Two weekends ago I would given a defeated grumble, but after last weekend’s successful 19-miler I’m feeling more ready then ever.

Now onto the last thing. Speed. I’ve seen the majority of my speed training runs fall to the way side throughout training. Tempo runs have turned more into staying at a very comfortable marathon pace run. And there have been a many excuses: It’s too hot, my quads are too sore, I don’t want to injure myself, I’ve got to save my legs for the weekend! While I don’t think I’ve actually gotten slower, I haven’t gotten any faster over the last 3 months. I would normally be upset, but this being my first marathon, my goal wasn’t so much to improve upon my speed, but to get myself to a different place with my endurance. Which I obviously have! That being said. My very lofty ambition of attempting to go sub 4:00, seems a bit foolish. I’m not going to pressure myself with a certain time, instead I’m just going to map out a realistic plan, and see how I feel race day.

30 days and counting!


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