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Week 6 Recap

Are we really six weeks in? And according to my very scientific calculations, that also means we are twelve weeks out, or a third into training. Is this really gonna happen?

This lady came in second (for women). I was too incompetent to take a decent photo of the winner (unless you count her shoe).

Last weekend Adam and I attended the NYC Ironman Championships. Just as spectators of course! Since it was the easiest to get to we decided to wait until the afternoon to catch the last stretch of the running portion, which is also the last leg of the race. I would have loved to see some of the swimming leg (if that was even possible), but it was on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River and it started at 7AM. [Also–we found out later in the day someone was pulled from the river and had died. Very, very, very sad.]

On Saturday I woke up, went on my long(ish) run, ate a late breakfast (which most definitely included ice coffee and a breakfast treat), watched a little Olympics, did some shopping on Bedford, and then gradually made our way up to the Upper West side where the finish line was. So basically, as I was having a leisurely morning all of these people were either swimming 2.4 miles in a freakin’ river, biking 112 miles, or starting a marathon length run. Yeah, there goes all sense of accomplishment after my 9-miler that morning. We tried to time it so we could see some of the early finishers (we missed the first male finishers), but we did see all of the female winners.

While most of the people we saw finish were probably elite triathletes (like people who do this for a living), it was still pretty darn inspiring. If I lived closer by I would have come back around 11PM, which is the final hour the race is open. Prob would have needed a box of tissues. Though those were needed for the next day when we watched the Fred LeBow documentary Run For Your Life, and I can’t forget all of the tears during the Olympics. I am a slobbering mess.

It got me thinking a little about ever wanting to do a triathlon. Ironman–no. But a much shorter length of a triathlon or duathlon, maybe. Though, this is all talk, as I am severely out of practice when it comes to swimming. After being obsessed with Olympic swimming, I went out and bought a cap and goggles, but they’ve already moved from being prominently displayed on my kitchen table, to a side tablet, and now my dresser drawer housing all of my extra running accessories. But it’s something to think about for the future. I think right now, I just need to focus on tackling this marathon. 🙂

Anyways, onto the training. Last week was a step back week–meaning a shorter long run, so I took advantage of this to do some extra cross training since 1) I was feeling up to it and 2) the following week (errr now this week), my weekday mileage was being bumped up, and my long run was going up to 14.

Monday: You know I love my Monday rest days. It’s usually the one day of the week I won’t feel guilty about not working out. Now if only there was better TV on at night…

Tuesday: 3 Miles + Chisel
I felt really good this particular morning, and it was my last week of Tues/Thurs 3 milers, so I was hoping to make this one a quick paced run. Plus, I hadn’t really been incorporating too much speed work into my runs like I said I would. It was hot out, but I felt like I was running somewhat fast, definitely not 5k fast, but somewhere between 10k pace and half-marathon pace and was pretty winded after, but my watch read otherwise. I trust my watch about 75% of the time, so it’s hard to know if I was actually running faster then it recorded, or if it just felt that way.

Running in the heat has proved to be both a physical and mental challenge in a number of ways. There are the obvious physical reasons, where as it’s been tough to maintain the same stamina and speed, and due to that, the little moments of triumph I would feel after seeing my split times post-run, have been few and far between. But at this point I have found other ways in my runs to achieve that feeling. Also, I realize at my level of marathon training, speed should not be my main concern.

Wednesday: 6 Miles
Hot. Humid. Gross.

On these days (and somewhat longer runs), my clothes are completely soaked, and instead of just letting them hang to dry, I’ve started getting into the shower with all my clothes on afterwards. I’m not even sure if I’m helping to cleanse them all that much, but it makes me feel not quite so disgusting.

Thursday: 3 Miles + Another Chisel
You’d think after all these ‘Chisel’ classes I’d be super chiseled. But I’m not. Too many desserts….I love desserts…

Friday: Hot Pilates
Saturday: 9 Miles 30-45 seconds slower than race pace

Ugly map.

Like I mentioned, today’s long run was a step back, so it was only a 9-Miler. Yes, “only”. It was a good run and it went by somewhat quickly. Due to last week’s 12-mile dehydration hang over, I made sure I drank extra water the night before. Since I was running alone again, I decided to stick to a familiar route, starting in Williamsburg, down Kent and then over the Williamsburg Bridge and down towards the Seaport and back. It’s no secret I loathe running over the WB bridge, but I have to admit, I probably need the challenge of the inclines, since I’m not really doing any “hill work” elsewhere.

So, while it was warm and humid, and if the previous week was my sweatiest run ever, this was probably my second sweatiest, I did not get the run hang over. I’m guessing it’s thanks to the extra hydrating the night before, so I need to remember that moving forward.

Not so great at pacing today.

Sunday Spin + Abs
I wasn’t too worn out from my long run, and I figured I wouldn’t get to do Spin for a few weeks, so I went for it. Plus, I’d get Monday off!

And that was my week 6! I’m off to California after my 14-miler this weekend. Perhaps I can try to write my next recap on the plane. I’d feel so cool. True blogger over here.


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The sweatiest run of my life & Week 5 recap

At this point, I’ve started to get into a decent groove of balancing training, work and other things in my life, but it’s definitely put a damper on my energy levels outside of running. All I want to do after I’ve gotten home from work at night is throw on my comfy clothes, put on some crap TV show and veg out. Oh, and eat and eat, of course. My workout regimen is not all that different from before, but my mileage is going up and up and all of my running has been outside in varying degrees of heat and humidity. Not only that, but I’ve started doing all my running in the morning versus the evening. I’ve never been a morning person, and luckily my work hours permit me to sleep in a tad longer than the normal 9-5er, but I think all of that has impacted how I’ve been feeling throughout the day. I keep thinking that once the temperatures go down, everything will at least feel a little easier–but my runs will be longer. So it’s all a toss up!

Before I get into the actual recap, I wanted to briefly talk about two new pasta dishes I tried last week. One was a compete failure, and the other was passable, but nothing to jump about.

The first dish I tried was penne with sausage and broccoli rabe except I planned to substitute the sweet italian sausage with turkey sausage. I don’t even have a photo of this dish because it was an utter failure. I had major issues with the turkey sausage, so I ended up tossing it out, and while the broccoli rabe came out ok, it was just too overpowering (perhaps without the sausage). Needless to say, this will not be my pre-race dinner.



The second dish I tried was healthier as I used whole wheat pasta, zucchini, squash, spinach, onions, garlic and tomato sauce. While it came out fine, and I liked the zucchini and squash with the pasta, it was just SO bland. I realize that by using whole wheat pasta, I should have expected this, but I didn’t think it would be that bad. If I should try this recipe again, I will have do a lot of experimenting with the recipe. I also made WAY TOO MUCH, thinking I could have it for leftovers, which I did one day, but I wasn’t too thrilled about eating any more for the rest of the week.

Alright, onto the recap!

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 3 Miles.
I didn’t go to a Chisel class, or do any strengthening on my own. I was exhausted by the end of the day and I figured I was due a small break for the night if I was that tired, plus I figured it might improve the chances of a better mid-week longish run the following day.
Wednesday: 6 Miles
And yes, it did help! It was another hot, humid day, but I felt good and it went smoothly.
Thursday: 3 Miles + Chisel at night
Friday: Spin
I thought I was going to my favorite spin instructor’s class and was disappointed when I saw a sub, but she turned out to be decent and played pretty good music (for Spin, where your standards are lowered so much that pretty good music means she played songs that you might hear in Rock Band, versus music you would hear on a Cher techno remix album).
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 12 Miles
Waking up, I had a feeling it was going to be a rough one. While it was hot and it could have been worse, the humidity percentage was at about 100 billion. It’s true. 100 billion. Adam was away on a work trip, and I had originally planned on running with the ASPCA, and while most normal people would probably prefer to get through these rough workouts with the support of other people, today I just wanted to plug my headphones in, turn the music up, and run. And that’s what I did. All things considered, it was a decent run as far as how I physically felt–no knee pain, shin pain, hip pain, any pain. But it was nasty. It was rough. And I can’t recall a moment in my life where I have ever been that sweaty. The only thing that was comforting was seeing fellow runners slogging through the thick, muggy air in the same fashion. And then all that comfort would be crushed after I’d see a young lady slowly prancing along without so much as a bead of sweat on her forehead. Jerk.

12 miles

Nike+ map does not look quite as nice as Garmin maps, but you get the picture.

Since I was running alone, I didn’t want to take an unfamiliar course, so I stuck to a route I have taken a number of times before, starting in Williamsburg heading towards the river, across the Williamsburg Bridge, and south along the East River until I was halfway through my miles, and ran a similar path back. I wasn’t too thrilled about running across the WB Bridge twice (and on the 10th/11th mile on the way back), but I suffered through it. I finished close to McCarren Park, as I typically do so I could pick up a Gatorade on the way home. When I got into the store, my shorts were dripping behind me and the five dollar bill I had crumpled in my Amphipod ankle pocket was soaked. I felt so beautiful.

12 Mile splits

Bridge miles underlined in red. Oy Vey.

I came home, showered, made some eggs and toast and headed out to the Brooklyn Flea where I spent about 10 minutes shuffling through the crowds and feeling uncomfortable from the heat, so I retreated home and didn’t go outside again. I thought I had properly hydrated. I had plenty of water during and after my run and choked down an entire Gatorate but I was extremely dehydrated the rest of the day and night. The injustice! Early to bed, early to rise, yet I felt hung over. Or “run over” as I like to call it. Yeah, yeah, stupid, eye-roll. Next week, I am working on my hydrating.