New Shoes and Week 3 Recap

I am a bit late. At this rate I should be starting on a Week 4 recap, but no matter!

This past weekend I bought a new pair of shoes to throw into the mix. Originally, I was planning on getting a bit of a heavier, more stable shoe to pair with my Brook’s PureFlows, either the Brooks Adrenaline or maybe the Nike Zoom Structure Triax 15. I used to run in the Asics GT-2170, but throughout training for my last two half-marathons I developed shin splits. While it could have been from a number of things (not to mention I was also training in some older Nikes), I decided to try out some new shoes to see if it could help, and settled on the Brook’s PureFlows about a month ago after reading such great things about them. When I purchased them, I wasn’t certain if they would be appropriate for my long runs, but the plan was to primarily wear them for my week-day shorter runs. Right out of the box, I loved running in them. They were super comfortable and light, especially paired with my new Brooks socks I just purchased. When doing more research I found a lot of comparisons between them and Saucony’s Kinvera 3 shoe. But why would I get two similar shoes, when the point was to get a more stable shoe for my longer runs? When I arrived at the shoe store, I was fully prepared to buy another heavy shoe (like my previous Asics), but in the end I decided on the Kinveras. A lighter shoe has been working out for me so far in training, so why not keep with them? I’m still not sure either will be my long-long-long distance shoe, but I’ll see how each feel as the runs get a bit longer.

Saucony Kinveras 3

My brightest looking set of shoes yet

Last week’s training schedule was a little bit lighter than usual and it went a little something like this:

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 3 Mile run in the morning + Chisel in the evening
Wednesday: 5 Miles at marathon run pace. Right on target with a 9’01 pace.
Thursday: 3 Mile run in the morning + Chisel in the evening
Friday: Spin with my favorite instructor. Oh, how I miss spin. Not to mention my favorite teacher. I hadn’t gone in weeks and I was lucky enough to finish work in time to make it to his class.
Saturday: Rest day. Shopping day!
Sunday: 6.5 Mile in Central Park with Team ASPCA!
This was a stepback week, so the long run was quite a bit shorter. Since it fit with my schedule, I decided to meetup with Team ASPCA’s training group. It was my first time running in a group, and it was definitely a great experience. My plan is to run with them every so often, but likely not every week. The 45 minute commute up to Central Park takes up a lot of precious early-morning-moderately-cooler-weather time. Plus, Adam and I are training on exactly the same schedule, so it makes it easier to run as a pair. But I’d like to as much as I can when it makes sense to.

This weekend I’ll be running an 11-miler. Let’s just hope the weather cooperates!



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