Week in review

This week has had some highs and lows.  Last Sunday I completed a very solid 11 mile run in Prospect Park which I felt good about.  I did some minor, minor strength work on Monday night, and Tuesday I did a 6.5 speed-work run and a strength class at night. The speed work included a 1 Mile warm up, 1 Mile @ 10k pace, .5 mile recovery, 1 Mile 10k pace, .5 mile recovery, and 4x400m @ 5K pace, ending with a 1 mile warm down.  The majority of it was right on target and I felt pretty good after.  Once I figure out how to graph my splits on here, I hope to include those–hah, though maybe only on my good days–we’ll see 🙂

Wednesday I was feeling a bit sluggish, and only had a 4 mile moderate pace run to do.  I should add that lately I’ve been having some minor aching near my inner shin, close to the ankle, with my only guess is that it could be shin splits, which I’ve never experienced before.  I’ve noticed it’s been a gradual thing, so my plan for now is to just slow down my pace in the coming days, particularly on non speed work runs, ice, and hopefully it’ll start to improve.  At the moment, it’s not something that is really hindering my ability to run, or slow me down, but I don’t want to do any damage seeing that I’m only two weeks out until race day.  Sooo…back to Wednesday.  I got to the gym after work and started my run, but nothing felt right. My shin was aching, I felt slow, and couldn’t get into a groove.   I even changed treadmills twice–ok maybe 3 times–I blame the lady who felt the need to situate herself right next to me when there were a million open machines–but after one horribly slow mile, I decided that I’d just be better off replacing my run with a spin class. I must have known that was going to happen since I signed up when I got to the gym (always good to have a back-up plan). But I felt great during and after the class, so I decided my decision was a success.  It’s so much easier on my body, but it’s an awesome workout and I definitely feel like it’s been a great, low-impact addition to my weekly routine.

On Thursday morning I woke up feeling better and more energized and did another 6 miler with some minor speed work mixed in.

And now on to today.  My plan was to fit in another strength class in the morning, but decided to hit the snooze button too many times so I went after work and did my own thing for a good 45 minutes and then did a 3 mile moderate paced run.  Today was technically my rest day, but the guilt set it from missing my Wednesday run and I couldn’t help myself.  Also, I wanted to test the waters a bit and see how my shin was faring.  Was it the smartest move? Probably not.  But I didn’t push it, it didn’t feel horrible, but has led me to think that the last two weeks I have been overcompensating for the previous two weeks when I was out of town for a weekend and sick the following.  I really need to learn to let those missed days go.

With that being said, my plan tomorrow, if any, is to get in a very, very short run. We’re talking 2-miler here, and then rest up for my long run on Sunday.  And if I’m rained out tomorrow, so be it!

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