Well hello!

Welcome to the very first entry of my brand new blog. I’ve always hated giving introductions so I’ll make this brief.

My main purpose of starting a blog is my hope to track and document my adventures in running (and fitness in general), for the benefit of myself and quite possibly any others who may happen to come across this. While I’ve taken a bigger interest in running and staying active, I’ve found myself wanting a place to keep tabs on my progress, schedules, things I’ve learned from others and my own errors, and so on. If I’m feeling ambitious, I may try to try write more of a background post. But that shall come at a later date.

Right now I’m near the end of my training for the NYC Half Marathon coming up on March 18, so my following posts will likely include some of my last weeks of training, but I hope to register for the Brooklyn Half (if registration ever opens!!!)  and maybe even a full marathon later this year (will I finally get into the NY Marathon?) so I can document my training from start to finish.

Also, I am still in the process of customizing and tinkering around with the blog layout, so I apologize for how generic it is currently looking. (Yes, embarrassing!)

Here we go!

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2 thoughts on “Well hello!

  1. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

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